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Product Image Amazon Kindle PowerFast for Accelerated Charging

Amazon Kindle PowerFast for Accelerated Charging

$ 12.99 $ 20.99



Product Details
Amazon Kindle PowerFast adapter is ideal for accelerated charging of kindle fire HD 8.9" and adds charging solution to your device.
Amazon Kindle PowerFast adapter features folding power prongs to fit your device perfectly in travel pack or briefcase. Adapter offers faster charging to all kindle models with standard 5 W powers.

Travel Ready
Each Amazon Kindle PowerFast features folding power prongs that help the device fit neatly in your travel pack or briefcase. The folded prongs do not snag on purse or bag interiors, making them a great choice for carry in designer luggage. The entire unit is exceptionally small, allowing you to fit it in a pocket or toiletries bag as needed.
Exceptional Compatibility

The accelerated charger works with all major Kindle Fire models for lightning-fast charging. The device provides faster charge rates than the standard 5 W power adapter for tablet computers, and it charges Kindle electronic readers at the same rate. This additional compatibility allows you to easily swap it between your devices.
Includes Guide

Each Amazon Kindle PowerFast comes with a quick-start guide that details how to insert the charger and make the most of its exceptional functionality.