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Product Image Dell Networking Cable SFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE Copper Direct Cable 3m 470-AAVJ Opened

Dell Networking Cable SFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE Copper Direct Cable 3m 470-AAVJ Opened

$ 39.99 $ 180.00




Brand New Opened Box item!



Dell Networking Cable SFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE Copper Direct Cable 3m 470-AAVJ Opened

Please Note: Brand New Opened Box item!

This Dell™ Networking SFP+ cable provides connectivity up to 3 m. For use in qualified Dell™ platforms.

Direct attach cable
10 ft
SFP+ - male
Connector (Second End)
SFP+ - male

Designed For
EMC PowerEdge R440, R540, R740, T440, T640; Networking N2024, N2048, N3024, N3048, N4032, N4064, X1008, X1018, X1026, X1052, X4012; PowerEdge R220, R230, R330, R420, R430, R530, R630, R730, R920, R930, T130, T330, T630, VRTX M520, VRTX M620

This product is compatible with the following systems:

PowerEdge R900
PowerConnect 6224
PowerConnect 6248
PowerConnect M8024
PowerEdge R710
PowerConnect M6348
PowerVault DL2100
PowerEdge R510
PowerConnect 8024
PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge T320
PowerEdge M820
PowerEdge R520
PowerConnect 8100
PowerEdge R920
PowerEdge R630
PowerEdge R730
PowerEdge T630
PowerEdge R730XD
PowerEdge R430
PowerEdge R530
PowerEdge T430
PowerEdge C4130
PowerEdge FC620
PowerEdge R420XR
PowerEdge FC420
PowerEdge FC630
PowerConnect 6224F
PowerConnect 6224P
PowerConnect 6248P
PowerConnect 7024
PowerConnect 7024F
PowerConnect 7024P
PowerConnect 7048
PowerConnect 7048P
PowerConnect 7048R
PowerConnect 8024F
Dell Networking N4032
Dell Networking N4032F
Dell Networking N4064
Dell Networking N4064F
Dell Networking N2024
Dell Networking N2024P
Dell Networking N2048
Dell Networking N3024
Dell Networking N3024F
Dell Networking N3024P
Dell Networking N3048
Dell Networking N3048P
PowerConnect 8100 Series
PowerEdge FC830
PowerEdge FX2
PowerEdge R930
PowerEdge R230
PowerEdge R330
PowerEdge T330
PowerEdge T130
Dell Networking S4048-ON
Dell Networking C1048P
Dell Networking X4012
Dell Networking Z9100
Dell Networking S6100
PowerEdge R640
PowerEdge R740
PowerEdge R940
PowerEdge R740XD
PowerEdge C6420
PowerEdge R440
PowerEdge T640
PowerEdge T440
PowerEdge FC640
PowerEdge M640
PowerEdge M640 VRTX
PowerEdge R540
PowerEdge C4140
PowerEdge R6415
PowerEdge R7415
PowerEdge R7425
PowerEdge R840
PowerEdge R940xa