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Product Image Motion Computing Compact Carrying Case M1200 M1300 Black

Motion Computing Compact Carrying Case M1200 M1300 Black

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Motion Computing Compact Carrying Case for M1200 & M1300 Black

The Motion Compact Carrying Case is the ideal travel companion for your Motion tablet. Unlike most one-size-fits-all bulky briefcases, the slim Compact Carrying Case is designed specifically for the Motion tablet and accessories. Targeted for mobile professionals, the Compact Carrying Case is ideal for users who prefer to carry a single work case. The case accommodates the tablet, keyboard, extra battery, CD/DVD drive, power adapter, extra pen, CF/PC Cards, CD media, and USB Flash Drives. The case also includes pockets for documents, pens, business cards, and magazines. A cleaver access pocket is provided for quick access to your cell phone, plane ticket, or glasses. Other key features include top zipper access to the tablet for quick and easy one-handed retrieval (great for removing your tablet at airport security), separate padded sleeve for the tablet, a roll-on luggage handle strap, and an ergonomically designed padded shoulder strap.