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Product Image Wince Tool Kit for VB 6.0 English NA CD - Old Version

Wince Tool Kit for VB 6.0 English NA CD - Old Version

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Integration with Visual Basic: Apply your current expertise with the integrated Visual Basic development environment to build dynamic Windows CE-based solutions.

Remote application debugger: Debug programs running on a remote Windows CE device through standard serial, parallel, or Ethernet connections.
ActiveX Controls: Develop your solutions quickly by using powerful ActiveX Controls for Windows CE.

Desktop emulation environment: Create and debug Windows CE-based applications from your desktop--no device needed. Built-in emulation technology provides the look and function of a Windows CE device, right on your desktop system.

Remote tools: Monitor and debug programs running on your Windows CE device using remote tools such as Spy, Process Viewer, and Registry Editor.
Sample projects: Get up to speed quickly with detailed examples of Visual Basic-based applications designed specifically for Windows CE.